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another end.

the full moon was february 9th... no more waxing... for 13 days.


the five minute traveler.

into the great desert i ventured.
for five minutes.
all i found was the unexpected.


the witching hour

no more posts until monday... check back then.


affinity - a person, thing, idea, etc., for which such a natural liking or attraction is felt...

i have an affinity for:
  • music
  • family
  • coffee
  • tauruses
  • the color green
  • good italian food
  • sunsets
  • mountains
  • chaco sandals
  • honesty
  • corrupted innocence
  • capricorns
  • fingerless gloves
  • a fine wine
  • tea in the winter, water in the summer
  • a good laugh
my favorite virgo horoscope and a dirty chai

the telegraph box... ah affinity


The First Post - a visual manifesto

This blog empowers me to record what i experience - good or bad. A reminder to us all to take the light with the dark... always be present to what the universe is offering you... it's real, it's alive, it's truth. bookmark this page and come back often. i will post as frequently as possible and keep my eyes wide open everyday.

love me - hate me - tell me exactly what you think... but please don't hesitate to set your soul on fire in every breath you take.